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This site isn't my first step in the Internet. I'm used to roaming here when I need some fast,accurate & useful information.

I’m a Primary English teacher. My name’s Elena Raisovna.

 I love teaching and I love my students. 

And I try to keep up with new Learning Technologies in teaching English.

As my young friends I spend some time roaming new ideas & useful information, interactive exercises & other educational resources in the Internet.

And I love not only teaching but learning myself. And my childish curiosity often provokes my own ideas. And I like to share them with my friends.

Here on the www.english-pot.ru you can find my own English exercises, tests and other useful information & some useful Links that children & their parents often need. You can ask me questions in «Комментарии». 

My colleagues – English teachers can also use any useful resources. I only ask you: Would you be so kind to post your notes and comments.