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Shopping for Clothes.
31.03.2012, 17:47

1. Listen and read: /123/U6_Ex2.mp3    

[əu]                     [ei]                    [ʃ]                     [e]                       [u:]

hope               a 'way              shirt                 red                    roo

'clothes           play               'T - shirt              help                  blue

show              'raincoat           shoes                dress                 boots

coat              'trainers            shorts                'sweater             shoes

2. Listen to the shop assistant. Look at the picture. 

    Name the clothes she has in the shop.


3. Look at the picture above and say what: 


a) Alice would like to buy for a party.

b) Tiny would like to buy for his winter visit to Russia.

c) Tim would like to buy for sunny summer.

d) Tom would like to buy for rainy and cold autumn.

4. Read and act out. 

    Answer the question: "What did Miss Chatter buy in the shop?"

5. Complete the dialogues between Tim, Torn and the shop assistant.  

                  Tim:  Excuse me, can you ... the trousers?         Shop assistant:   Can I ... you?

Shop assistant:  Yes, ....                                                                   Tom:   Show me the jacket, ...

                  Tim:  How... ... they?                                        Shop assistant:   Here ...  ...

Shop assistant:   ... ....                                                                        Tom :   Great! It's nice and warm! 

                 Tim:  Here are you.                                             Shop assistant:   Good, anything else? 

Shop assistant:  Thank you.                                                                Tom:   No, thank you. That's all.

        Listen and check: /123/U6_Ex8.mp3

Good luck!



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