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Birthday present.
23.12.2011, 23:02

                           Birthday present.


A:        Listen, boys / girls. Don’t you remember about our English teacher’s  birthday?

B:         When is her birthday?

A:         It will be tomorrow.

B:         What’s your idea about present for her?

A:         I think, we should do smth ourselves. She likes handmade souvenirs.

B:         Let’s make her a birthay card.

A:         OK, and I think we’ll sing her "Happy birthday” song.

B:         She’ll be glad.

A:           Sure. 

 Dialogue from Arisha:

-         Hello, Ann!

-         Hello, Kate!

-         Ann, do  you remember about Kate’s birthday.

-         When is her birthday?

-         Next week. Let’s make her presents!

-         I’m going to sew her a "new year” toy.

-         I’ll sew her a doll.

-         It’s great.

-         Sure.

What about your own dialogues? Would you share them with us?

You can post it in "Комментарии" as an example -then it could be post by me in this File.

Good luck!

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