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Повторим грамматику? ( keys)
06.05.2011, 21:24


I. Could you put the following words in plurals? Please be correct.


shops      drops      clouds     parks      water     boys    days      plates      hopes     tea   tomatoes   potatoes  discos  photos   soup  storyies    babyies    ladyies    candyies    coffee     symphonyies   watches   benches    dresses    juice     children   men    snowmen      fishermen     businessmen      women      porridge       fish      sheep     deer  

PS Water, tea, soup, coffee, juice, porridge - uncountable nouns (неисчисляемые существительные)

II. Put the adjective in bold into comparative or superlative form.

1.I’ve got a nice cat. It's nicer than my friend's cat

2. I live in a small house, but my friend's house is smaller than mine.

3. Boxing is a dangerous hobby. Kickboxing is more dangerous than boxing

4. That was a difficult exercise. But this exercise is the most difficult exercise in the test.

5. I like funny jokes. This joke was the funniest joke I've ever heard.

6. He has good books, but I gave him a new book, that is better than he has.

7. I’m a responsible student, but my brother is more responsible than me.

8. Amy has a beautiful flower, but Kate has the most beautiful flower on earth.

9. My father is fat. My uncle is much fatter than my father.

10. Crimea is sunny. Do you know the sunniest place in the world?


 III. Add the question tags, please.

1.  They often talk to their friends, don’t they ?

2.  Anne couldn't sing well, could she.?

3. Your brother and you have seen this film, haven’t you.?

4. You don't like yoghurt, do you ?

5. The teacher was late for school, wasn’t he / she/ ?

6. They did not go to Vienna last week, did they?

7. I wasn’t late,was I ?

8. Look! Ann is drawing her cat, isn’t she ?

9. Your  brother went to the museum yesterday, didn’t he ?

10. Mary & Clare will take part in the competition next Sunday, won’t they?

11. Look at me! I’m rather strong, aren’t I ?

12. I’m not a lazy girl, am I ?

13. Let’s go to the Zoo, shall we ?

14. Close the door, won’t you ?

15. Don’t take this pen, will you?

И просьба к Вам, мои дорогие ребята. Если заметите где-либо ошибку - сообщите мне пожалуйста.. 


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