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Best wishes to my students.
24.05.2011, 12:32

                               My dear  friensds

 Today is so special day:   

 There your 9 year school classes have finished.


& I’d like to say you some parting words.

School years are the most important part of your life. 

You’ve acquired lots knowledge and skills.

You’ve made a lot of good friends.

And you’ll undergo your first examinations.

I’d like to wish you pass your exams successfully & a little bit easily. 

I have a dream that

                                 One day you’ll grow up

                                &  I could hear from you or about you

                                 a  lot of  Happy News.

             Let it be !

Kiss you with love,

                              Your English teacher Elena Raisovna Marvanova,


Moscow Centre of Education # 1455                                May, 23rd, 2011

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