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My holidays.
17.04.2012, 19:21

                                                                                      Canary Islands,
                                                                      August, 8th , 2011

 Dear Nick,

 I would like to tell you about my Summer Holidays.
Everybody loves holidays. I love holidays because I could do everything I like to.

This summer holidays I spent in the Canary Islands with my Dad.

Canary Islands is a lovely mix of golden sand beaches, clear waters sheltering reefs swarming with tropical fish, lush rainforests, and a thriving culture.

The weather is fine for open-air activities. Every morning we go swimming in the ocean. It’s so exiting.

Here I saw black sand beaches for the first time.

Yesterday we drove climbing into a volcano at a Soufriere. It’s dreaming and breathing but it smells of bad eggs.

But Holidays is coming to the end. And I see you soon. I hope you spent your time well.

Best regards to your family,


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