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Passive Voice.[ 7 - 11 классы]
22.12.2012, 23:14
Лицензия Creative Commons

                                   ACTIVE  voice vs  PASSIVE  Voice                                 

 Rewrite in Passive Voice, please.

1.  The postman delivers new letters to our office every morning.

2.  The journalist is writing the article about our school.

3.  Nick found a purse in the park.

4.  The boys have repaired over 10 bikes since last Monday.

5.  The painter has just sold his new picture.

6.  Nancywill finish her work tomorrow.

7.  Mike takes photos and posts them on his site..

8.  My Granny is cooking dinner.

9.  My little sister sent me a birthday card last week.

10. The engineers have tested the equipments twice.

11. Someone has stolen my new camera.

12. A manager will give you a ticket next week. 

13. My little sister  writes letters to her friends every week.

14. My mother is knitting  new socks  at the moment.

15. Linda sent lots of greeting cards on Christmas.

16. Nick and his brother haven’t done their homework yet.

17. The workers have just painted the house.

18. Mr Smith won’t write his new article next week. 

19. Lady Lee designs new styles of women dress at the Beauty company.

20. Little boys and girls are watching this new film in the hall.

21. My little sister sent me a birthday card last week.

22. The engineer has invented a new equipment for new project.

23. Pete hasn’t missed any lessons this school year.

24. Scientists will stop their research because of the stormy weather.

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