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Passive Voice vs Active Voice [ 7 - 11 классы]
22.12.2012, 23:24

Лицензия Creative Commons                             

                                 ACTIVE  voice vs  PASSIVE  Voice                               

Rewrite in Active Voice, please.

1.  The photos are taken and posted by Mike on his site.

2.  The dinner is being cooked by my Granny.

3.  A birthday card was sent by my little sister to me last week.

4.  The equipments have been tested by the engineers twice.

5.  My new camera has been stolen.

6.  A ticket will be given to you by the manager next week.

7.  New letters are delivered to our office by the secretary every morning..

8.  The article about our school is being written by a journalist

9.  The purse was found by Nick in the park.

10. Over 10 bikes have been repaired by the boys since last Monday.

11. A new picture has just been sold by the painter.

12. The work will be finished by Nancy tomorrow.

13. Grapes and peaches are grown in Georgia. 

14. The new nice house is being built at the moment.

15. This pretty dress was made in Japan.

16. Books have been forgotten by Steve in the classroom.

17. The great match has been lost by our school team.

18. The new concert will be given by D. Hvorostovski next month.

19. Handball is played every physical training lesson.

20. Adagio by P. Tchaikovsky  is being played by Denis Matsuev at the moment.

21. The new bike was broken by naughty boy last yesterday.

22. The DVD recorders haven’t been repaired by the master yet.

23. A text message hasn’t been sent  by Michael  yet.

24. A new restaurant will be opened next week in our district.

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