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Употребление SOME, ANY, NO
21.09.2011, 01:06

                                                                        SOME, ANY, NO.


Еще раз поговорим об употреблении SOME, ANY, NO.



some несколько; некоторое количество.

not anyнисколько;

noнет, нисколько.


SOME  и  ANY  употребляются с исчисляемыми во мн. числе и неисчисляемыми существительными.


ОБЫЧНО  SOME употребляется в утвердительных предложениях, а ANY - в отрицательных.


    Uncountable  nouns             countable –plural nouns                         countable – singular noun 

   I have some dream.                There are some children in the yard.         There is a tiny bed in his room.

   I don’t have any dream.          There aren’t any children in the yard.         There isn’t a (single) bed in the room.

   I have no dream.                    There are no children in the yard.              There is no bed in his room.

   Do you have any dream?        Are there any children in the yard?            Is there a bed in his room?


НО также SOME употребляется в вопросах, когда Вы что-то предлагаете, например, хотите угостить

   Would you like some  cheese?

Мы предлагаем отведать некоторое количество - немного сыра SOME, не весь что имеется.

Угощая, мы можем спросить

   Would you like any juice to drink? – У нас разный сок и предлагаем любой ANY на выбор. 

Отрицательное предложение в английском языке не только то где есть частица NOT,

но и NEVER - никогда, without – без, hardly  - вряд ли.


   Ann never has any problem in Maths.

   Mike has made this decision without any doubt.

   There are hardy any boys left in the stadium.

 NO употребляется с исчисляемыми ( в ед. и мн. числе)  и неисчисляемыми существительными, когда хотите сказать кто-то или что-то отсутствует вообще или в данный момент.

   I have no doubt.

   There is no a TV in our classroom.

   There are no people in the street.


P.S. ANY любой,

   Any good dictionary will give you examples of use &  definitions of words.

   Any children in our school can take part in this party.  

   Ask him any question you want to.

Try your best to do next exercise.

 Fill in the blanks with SOME, ANY or NO.


  1. Only ___ of birds have flew away. Not all of them.

  2. I see. There isn't ___ butter in my fridge.

  3. I’m so sad. I  have ___ money to buy this book.

  4. I will buy a kilo of potatoes and ___ cheese at the shop

  5. ___ of these books you choose to read will be interesting.

  6. On the desk there is a vase with ___ white and re roses.

  7. I'm busy. I have ___  time to play chess with you now.

  8. ___ boy like to study football; others like to watch TV in the evening.

  9. If you have ___ question, ask me please.

 10. There are ___ English books in this library.

 11. We   have ___ dictionaries in our classroom to use.

 12. Here are ___ nice apples and plums for you. 

 13. She doesn't eat ___ salt and sugar, for she is on a diet.

 14. The poor men are starving. They have ___ food to eat & _____ good clothes to wear.

 15. Is this Grammar clear for you? Have you  ______ questions ?

P.S. Please do me a favour: if you find a mistake please leave me a message. Great thanks.



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