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13 Must-See Webinars for Teachers

    Join http://blog.simplek12.com on January 3rd, 2013 for back-to-back online presentations.

You'll walk away with great information to use immediately in
your classroom.

Learn from the best, and discover:
* Fun instructional strategies to re-engage apathetic students
* Simple ways to embrace free technology
* 21st century project ideas for immediate classroom use
* Resources to make teaching digital citizenship easy
* Video project tips that'll make your students shine
* The ins and outs of Social Media for educators
* How to eliminate piles paperwork in your classroom
* Organization techniques that you AND your students will love
* How to flip your classroom and effectively engage students
* And much, Much, MORE!


What: 2013 Kickoff Event - Online Learning for Educators
Cost: FREE!

Register: Click here http://community.simplek12.com/ to register.



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