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Christmas in the air! ( lesson plan)

Лицензия Creative Commons
Произведение «Christmas in the air! ( lesson plan)» созданное автором по имени S.Krikovtseva, I.Shpagina, E.Marvanova, публикуется на условиях лицензии Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (Атрибуция — Некоммерческое использование — Без производных произведений) 3.0 Непортированная.

 LESSON PLAN: Christmas in the air.


 Date: December, 21st 

 Teachers: S.Krikovtseva, I.Shpagina, E.Marvanova

 Focus:   Christmas vocabulary. 

              Past Tenses in use.

              Speaking about Christmas.


        To review Christmas vocabulary

        To practice Past tenses in spoken English

        To practice Christmas spoken language

 Aids & materials: 

                       Computer, smart-board, projector for actualizing key vocabulary

                                                                           and verb tenses grammar:

                      Computers for preparing speaking activity;

                      Worksheets 1) Questions for warm-up activiy, 2) Useful language

                                       3) instruction for post-task activity in www.voxopop.com

This lesson provides students with an overview of Christmas vocabulary.

 Pre-task warmer: 

     Warm up students by asking / answering question about Christmas. (handouts)

   Actualize active key vocabulary through online interactive exercises.


Questionary:  (some ideas from  www.onestopenglish.com  )

 *  Do you celebrate Christmas?                                                        *  What will you do for Christmas this year

 *  What Christmas songs do you know?                                         *   What do you know about the history of Christmas?

 *  What do you know about the history of Santa Clause?               *  What would you like to get in a Christmas stocking?

 *  Where would you put a Christmas wreath?                                *  Do you know any Christmas song or poem?

 *  Where is Santa’s home? Who lives there?                                 *   What is special about Santa’s sleigh?

Key Vocabulary exercises: online exercises ( whole class activity)

  1. review key words & improve pronunciation

Ø       http://www.learningchocolate.com   >>>  Christmas


  1. Interactive exercises:  key vocabulary,  info about Christmas traditions, Christmas songs.

Ø       http://chagall-col.spip.ac-rouen.fr        >>   Les Disciplines   >>   Anglais    >>   Interactive books  >>  Christmas


Grammar review: (whole class activity)


Past tenses review with interactive exercises:

1. Which tense

2. Complete the sentences ( match and drag correct word –text))

3. Mix & match ( two parts of the sentence)

4. Put in order.

5. Mix & match. ( two sentences)

6.        Complete the sentences ( match and drag correct word –text))


Ø        http://www.englishgrammarsecrets.com         >>  Lessons  >>  Past review 1  >>  ex 1-6


Speaking activity: ( in groups of 3-5 students )         

 To talk about Christmas  - go to  http://www.scoop.it/t/topical-english-activities 


1. Making plans for Christmas       > >>   Christmas Plans – Conversation Question  

2. Last Christmas                            >>>     Christmas – Past Tense Conversation Questions

3. Christmas shopping                     >>>    Christmas Shopping – Conversation Questions


Useful language:

to send Christmas cards                to meet Santa          to go skating on the ice-ring

to decorate the Christmas tree       to eat a Yule log        to spend Christmas night with my family

to buy Christmas presents             to go skiing               to sing Christmas carols

to give / to get many presents       to stay at home         to visit grandparents


Post-task activity


Ask students to join to talkgroup "How are you going to celebrate Christmas?” (possible theme) on www.voxopop.com to express their own opinions.














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